The World’s Most Trusted Alliance of Professional Consultants

For Every Business Owner Who Deserves The Ultimate Pay Day

Kerry Boulton is a highly respected business executive, successful entrepreneur and exit strategy expert. As the founder and CEO of The Exit Strategy Group, Kerry works with business owners and CEOs to maximise their profits and to prepare their businesses for the ultimate pay day.


For Degree-Qualified Engineers Dissatisfied With Their Current Work Situation Who Feel Trapped Without An Escape Plan

Ray Pavri is Australia’s most respected career coach for degree-qualified engineers. A career professional with an MBA in Business, Ray has held senior roles with many large organisations in Australia.


For Business Owners Who Feel Overwhelmed By The Numbers In Their Business

Amanda Dyason is Australia’s #1 advisor to business owners wanting to conquer financial overwhelm. As a published author, international speaker and with over 16 years of experience working with government agencies and multi-national corporates, Amanda knows all the tricks…


Are Your Most Important Business and Personal Growth Challenges Un-Solved?

Welcome to the Trusted Authority Alliance®, the world’s most trusted alliance of professional consultants, whose core values are trust and integrity. In an ever-expanding world of inauthentic “experts”, the Alliance is the only global professional organization with world-class authorities in their fields, available to help you solve your most important challenges and obstacles holding you and your business back from true success. The Trusted Authority Alliance is a hand-selected group of world-class professionals who all specialize in specific areas, with a proven track record to solving the most complex business and personal growth challenges. Each member of our Alliance community operates their consulting practices based on focusing on the challenges to address first, and the solutions second. You can be assured when you communicate with any of our members that match your specific needs, you will never experience a “sales pitch”, be chased after, or be treated like a potential “sale”. We are a trust-based organization and we believe if it’s the right fit between a client and their advisor, the engagement will happen naturally, hence the willingness of our members to provide a complimentary printed book as an initial step towards creating a long term trusted relationship.

Trusted Authority Alliance – The World’s Most Trusted Alliance of Professional Consultants

(Are you an experienced Professional Consultant without a Trusted Authority platform? Order your complimentary copy here of the “Trusted Authority” book to begin the process of being part of our community.)